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The Rape Trial Of Two Ex-NYPD Cops Was Just Thrown Into Limbo

The attorney for Anna Chambers, the alleged victim, told BuzzFeed News that "nothing has changed in terms of what happened to Anna on that night.”

Jessica Testa 10 months ago

Parents Could Remove Abusive Doctors' Names From NYC Birth Certificates Under Proposed New Law

The proposed law comes in response to a BuzzFeed News story about Marissa Hoechstetter, whose obstetrician was convicted of sexual misconduct. She tried unsuccessfully for two years to get his name removed from her children’s birth certificates.

Albert Samaha 11 months ago

A Visa Program That Protected Domestic Violence Victims Is Now Putting Them At Risk Of Deportation

Sexual assault, domestic violence, and human trafficking victims are at higher risk of deportation under new policies affecting the U visa program.

Albert Samaha One year ago

For A Woman Who Accused A Lawyer Of Groping Her, There’s No #MeToo

“It’s robbed me of years of my life. It’s given me zero trust in the system. This is probably why women don’t come forward.”

Albert Samaha One year ago

Can Football Keep Young Boys Off Of Brooklyn’s Toughest Streets?

Sometimes being a good kid isn’t enough.

Albert Samaha One year ago

New York’s Governor Has Suspended An Investigation Into The Handling Of A 2015 Weinstein Case

Andrew Cuomo’s campaign received $25,000 from Harvey Weinstein’s former lawyer days before Cuomo suspended an investigation into the Manhattan DA’s handling of allegations against the movie mogul.

Albert Samaha One year ago

Campus Cops Are One Answer To School Shootings, But There’s No Proof They Work

Dozens of school resource officers have been accused of crimes involving the students they were hired to protect. Joshua Spratt was one of them.

Albert Samaha One year ago

Sex Between Federal Agents And Detainees Would Be Banned Under Proposed Law

The proposal, which lawmakers drafted following a BuzzFeed News story on the subject, also seeks to increase funding for states that adopt similar laws.

Albert Samaha One year ago

Why Fatal Police Shootings Rarely Lead To Convictions

After fatal shootings, police officers may lose their jobs, but they rarely get prison time. This cop walked away with a settlement.

Albert Samaha One year ago

A Doctor Admitted To Sexually Abusing Patients And Then Walked Free

Prosecutors told Robert A. Hadden’s patients his guilty plea was a win for victims, but the #MeToo movement has some questioning the Manhattan district attorney’s motives.

Albert Samaha One year ago

A San Antonio City Official Has Vowed To Close The Gender Gap In The Police Department

As the San Antonio city manager defends the police chief following a BuzzFeed News story exposing misogyny on the force, another former officer describes harassment she faced.

Albert Samaha One year ago

This Police Force Is Considered Progressive, But Women And Disciplinary Reports Tell A Different Story

Men defacing the women’s bathroom, threatening to post nude pictures of female cops, and dating teenage girls: The San Antonio Police Department has been praised for reforms, but female cops told BuzzFeed News the gender gap remains.

Albert Samaha One year ago

Maryland Is the Latest State To Pass A Bill Banning Cops From Having Sex With People In Custody

Unlike the bill passed in New York last month, it doesn't automatically deem all sex in custody as rape.

Albert Samaha One year ago

I Followed My Uncle’s Legend To Italy, And Found A New Way Forward

My great-uncle Tomas Concepcion was a legend in our family — a famed artist and politician living in a hilltop castle on the Mediterranean. When I was 20 I visited him in Italy, looking to understand how he got there, why he stayed, and what it means to be an immigrant who leaves home with hopes of building something permanent.

Albert Samaha One year ago

New York Just Passed A Bill Banning Cops From Having Sex With People In Custody

State lawmakers acted following a BuzzFeed story that showed how existing law lets cops accused of raping detainees fight charges by claiming the sex was consensual.

Albert Samaha One year ago

These Good Guys With Guns Accidentally Shot Their Friends And Family Members

Good guys with guns don’t only shoot bad guys. At least 47 times since 2015, a person has shot a friend, family member, or emergency responder they mistook for an intruder in their home.

Albert Samaha One year ago

When She Pursued A Rape Charge, The Cop On The Case Pursued Her

The Florida woman felt she had to have sex with Detective Michel Toro to ensure he worked on her case. Investigators agreed and said he'd violated state law, but Toro was never charged.

Albert Samaha One year ago

An 18-Year-Old Said She Was Raped While In Police Custody. The Officers Say She Consented.

When Anna said she was raped by two on-duty cops, she thought it would be a simple case. She had no idea she lived in one of 35 states where officers can claim a detainee consented.

Albert Samaha One year ago

Can A School Ban Its Students From Kneeling During The National Anthem?

With the Super Bowl days away, one high school quarterback is taking a stand for free speech.

Albert Samaha One year ago

Here's How A Cop With A Tattoo That Resembles A Nazi Symbol Kept His Job

An internal affairs memo obtained by BuzzFeed News offers insight into how Philadelphia cop Ian Lichterman was cleared of wrongdoing, even though his name appeared on a white racist group's database.

Albert Samaha 2 years ago