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    Someone Is Putting Up "Halt Ze German Advance" Anti-EU Billboards

    Despite the branding, Vote Leave said the posters had nothing to do with its campaign.

    Anti-EU billboards with the message "Halt ze German advance" have been spotted along the M40 motorway.

    Several people tweeted pictures of the boards, which despite the Vote Leave branding have nothing to do with the official anti-EU campaign.

    For those asking for proof, here's the xenophobic bullshit #VoteLeave are pushing. Disgusting & beyond contempt. 🇪🇺✅

    Another "Stop ze German advance" Vote Leave poster. Someone's taped over "German" on this one. Vote Leave logo clear

    Vote Leave said it did not produce the posters, did not put the billboards up, and does not know who did.

    @IainDale Yes, these were not produced by @Vote_Leave. We don't know who's done them, but hope they'll take them down

    Web developer Terence Eden filmed the poster from his dashcam, after claims the image was fake.

    …and for those of you who think that I Photoshopped the image in order to smear your cause - here's my dashcam vid:

    Most people were surprised about the central message, given it's 2016.

    There are Vote Leave billboards on the M40 urging drivers to 'Stop ze German Advance'. And yes, it's 2016.

    Miserable populism and the worst instincts, in Europe, in 2016.

    Someone said the billboards reminded them of a Daily Mirror front page from 20 years ago.

    The twenty-year cycle of cultural resuscitation

    A Vote Leave spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that they were investigating the issue.

    The campaign director of Vote Leave, Dominic Cummings, tweeted that he believed "dummies on our side" were responsible, not Remain sympathisers.

    @rcolvile They are NOT Vote Leave billboards, we don't know who put them up but think it's dummies on our side not BSE