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18 London Gelato Places To Try Before You Die

The definitive ice cream list.

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1. 3Bis

Instagram: @3bislondon

3Bis in Borough Market makes its gelato fresh, in small batches, throughout the day, every day. From stracciatella to panna cotta, it serves all the classic flavours.

Its pistacchios come from Sicily: It is the flavour to try, along with fior di latte, the yardstick through which to measure all gelato makers. 3Bis also has a chocolate fountain it uses to fill the bottom of cones from. A bit messy. But so worth it.

2. La Gelatiera

Instagram: @albertonardelli

This artisan ice cream parlour on New Row (between Leicester Square and Covent Garden) serves less conventional flavours alongside the more traditional ones. Stilton and caramelised walnuts, porcini chocolate cream, or basil and chilli, anyone? The sorbets, chocolate especially, are exquisite.

3. Badiani

Badiani / Via Twitter: @badianilondon

Badiani, a Florentine gelateria, is a recent addition to the London ice cream scene. It can be found at Mercato Metropolitano on Newington Causeway. The flavour to try is buontalenti. This is its story: At the end of the 1960s a contest was held in memory of the Florentine architect Bernardo Buontalenti. Badiani won the contest with this recipe. It has four ingredients: cream, milk, sugar and eggs. Simple, but delicious. Pro tip: Ask them to top your gelato with whipped cream.

4. Gelatorino

The name gives it away. Hailing from Turin means you really should knock yourself out on the gianduja-based flavours. In winter, Gelatorino, which is based right next to Covent Garden, serves a tremendous hot chocolate with whipped cream.


5. Gelupo

Gelupo / Via Twitter: @GelupoGelato

Not only does Gelupo prepare some of the most amazing gelato in London, it is also one of the few places in the city where you can find a proper granita. Its (summer) special gelato is lavender and white chocolate, and its ricotta flavours (with coffee and honey, or with cherries) are marvellous.

6. Marine Ices

Instagram: @marineicesgelato

An institution in Chalk Farm since 1931. Its ice creams and sorbets still follow the original recipe. If you're not ordering a gelato to go, have a seat, and order a peach melba.

7. Nardulli

Instagram: @abbey

Nardulli, in Clapham, nears perfection. Just look at the texture of that chocolate.

8. Dri Dri

Instagram: @dridrigelato

The London branch of Dri Dri is in Chelsea Farmers Market. Dri Dri's ingredients are sourced from around the world, and the gelato kept safe (and fresh) in a pozzetti counter. Among the ice creams, go for peanut butter. Among the sorbets, try the green apple. And if you fancy making gelato at home, Dri Dri even sells a recipe book.


11. Danieli

Instagram: @rox

A family-run business that now has ice cream parlours in Richmond, Kingston, and the West End. Danieli were one of the city's first gelaterie, and remain one of its finest.

12. Amorino

Instagram: @amorinogelato

Amorino is a global chain, but don't let that put you off. Its ice creams are beautifully crafted and taste as lovely as they look.


13. Scoop

Instagram: @scoopgelato

Scoop, one of London's first ice cream parlours, serves some of the capital's mightiest cones. And everybody knows a cone is an essential component of any gelato.

14. Freggo

Instagram: @trishanne624

Somewhat controversially, Freggo is not Italian but Argentinian. So the flavour to try in this Piccadilly ice cream parlour is dulce de leche.

15. Greedy Goat

Instagram: @greedygoaticecream

If you find regular gelato a bit too heavy to digest (or want to try something different), then head to Greedy Goat in Borough Market. Staff make all their ice cream with lactose-friendly goat's milk – and it's delicious.

16. Oddono's

Instagram: @kensingtoncanary

Award winning ice cream with multiple central London locations. The Amarena is creamy and fabulous. If you're in the mood for something different, order a gelato cookie.

18. Snowflake

Instagram: @snowflakegelato

Snowflake brands itself as luxury gelato. The thing to order here are the gelato treats and cakes: gelato on a stick, gelato cannoli, and gelato macarons. They look beautiful.