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This Band Made A Live Recording - 5 Reasons Why You Should Care...

Today The Bergamot released "Periscope" the first track from their upcoming Live album. "Periscope" Live is now available on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon MP3 or wherever you get your music.

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5. No. Really. This Band Actually Made a Live Recording...

Evan Matthew Perigo

This band actually made a live recording. It is in the moment and never to be replicated. 100% authentic live music is hard to come across. From great Jazz recordings to Dave Matthews Band live trax - live music is something you will want to experience.

1. Supporting Indie Music Will Make You Feel GREAT!

So you buy organic milk, consider the lives of the chicken's who provide your eggs, you wear shoes that give back to humanity, and shop at the local mom and pop grocery. But where are you consuming all of your music? Where does it come from? Who wrote it? Consider this post by Rolling Stone or did you know that the top 1% of the music industry rake in about 77% of the resources in the 15.5 BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY! -Alternative Press It might be time to consider supporting indie music - at least you know where your music is coming from...

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