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35 Ways To Keep Elvis Alive

August 16th marked the 35th anniversary of the King's death in his Graceland Mansion. There may be a gravestone with his name on it, but Elvis LIVES. Here are 35 ways to keep him alive.

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1. Buy a ticket to Coachella 2013


Elvis is alive and well and has the same manager as Tupac: First name Core Media. Last name Makes Holograms. Looks like the guys behind this years mind-blowing performance in the desert are jamming to different tunes and are bringing Elvis back to the stage. Lets hope its in Indio, California and please let Snoop Dogg introduce him.

2. Watch King Creole

So many reasons. 1.New Orleans 2.there's a love triangle 3.Walther Mathau (aka Oscar from the Odd Couple) 4. Elvis singing 5. Elvis kicking ass, etc.

But mainly because Elvis always said that this was his favorite movie of his career. Means a lot from a guy that made 31 movies. Also, little known fact: the role was originally meant for James Dean, but was given to Elvis after Dean's tragic death.


5. Kick Kurt Russell in the shin

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Kurt Russell made his big screen debut in this 1963 Elvis movie "It happened at the World's Fair" by kicking him in the shin. Then in 1979 Russell went on to play Elvis in a TV movie. THEN he played an Elvis impersonator in the movie "3,000 miles to Graceland"

Leave him alone already. Somebody kick him in the shin.

7. Watch some Monty Python

Elvis was OBSESSED with Monty Python. He watched "The Holy Grail" over 50 times at Graceland, would rent out movie theaters to watch their latest movie, and would memorize and act out their skits.


8. Send a letter


This stamp came out in 1993 and has been declared as the U.S. Post office's most popular of all time. 124.1 million of them were saved by fans as collectibles. Get an Elvis stamp, send a letter, spread the love, and help out the Post Office. Everybody wins.

11. Never turn him off

A 24 hr Sirius radio channel is dedicated to Elvis. Having a channel to himself is an honor he shares only with Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam and The Grateful Dead, who also have 24 hr channels. Listen to the king non-stop, airing live from Graceland.


16. Practice Karate

Elvis was a black belt in karate. He also gave his karate teacher $50,000 to open a karate center in Memphis. It still exists and it is the perfect fusion of karate and Elvis. Try and think of something cooler.

17. Nick Cage

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So Nick Cage sings his own rendition of Elvis' "Love Me Tender" at the end of "Wild at Heart." If Elvis only knew that his daughter would end up marrying Nick Cage...

18. Go Skydiving (preferably with Nick Cage)

The Flying Elvi is a real skydiving troop that jumps out of planes together dressed up as Elvis. Because that is so necessary. And since Nick Cage had not done enough to honor Elvis' legacy by singing "Love Me Tender" and boning Lisa Marie, he also skydived with The Flying Elvi in the movie "Honeymoon in Vegas"

19. Listen to what the Boss says

There are a lot of famous quotes said about The King, but no one puts it quite like The Boss. Here are a few of his winners:

“There have been a lotta tough guys. There have been pretenders. And there have been contenders. But there is only one king.”

-Bruce Springsteen

“ was like he came along and whispered some dream in everybody’s ear, and somehow we all dreamed it.”

-Bruce Springsteen


27. DO black leather on black leather

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This is why. This 1968 TV performance, known as the "Comeback Special" is widely regarded as Elvis' career high point. After leaving the army in 1960 his career had suffered and he was being out sold by the new guys in town: The Beatles. His amazing performance and the black leather tux shut everyone up. He was still the King.


29. If you only listen to one Elvis cover song....

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Make it this Cheap Trick rendition of "Don't be Cruel." So weird that it's good.

31. This is what Bill Clinton should be doing.

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Its a fact that he won the 1992 election because he played "Heartbreak Hotel" on the saxophone.

Also, Bush kept comparing Clinton to Elvis in a negative way. To which Clinton said "You know, Bush is always comparing me to Elvis in sort of unflattering ways. I don't think Bush would have liked Elvis very much, and that's just another thing that's wrong with him. "

An that's how you win an election.


33. Give someone your car

Elvis' first car was a pink Cadillac, but he is more famous for the cars he gave away than the ones he owned. There are so many incidences of his notorious car gifting that there is no official count. He gave a Cadillac to a bank teller in Memphis named Mennie L. Person because he saw her admiring it. So people, be nice and give away cars.

34. Embrace all religions

Elvis was into Christianity, New age philosophy, Numerology, bacon, etc.

He wore a Catholic cross and a Jewish star around his neck, which he famously defended by saying "I don't want to miss out on heaven due to a technicality."


Since you probably weren't at Elvis Week go to:

The 8 day festival was recorded and documented in painstaking detail like only a true Elvis fan could do. Pretty much every Elvis thing you can imagine happened.

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