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    Six Spooky Lip Looks For Halloween

    Don't feel like elbowing your way through the costume shop in search of a last-minute costume? Why not dress up your lips instead with these inspirational looks from Grace Mahoney, makeup guru and owner of Blushing Brides.

    Galaxy Gal

    Grace Mahoney / Via

    Pair this look with a sequined dress in midnight blue and some glittering chandelier earrings for a look that's out of this world.

    Colorful Casper

    Grace Mahoney / Via

    Don a white maxi dress in sheer chiffon or lace to compliment these lips. Lots of layers will helping you glide through any party like a true ghoul.

    Ghoulish Grin

    Grace Mahoney / Via

    Channel Jack Skellington and suit up in bold stripes to complete this look.

    Poltergeist Pout

    Grace Mahoney / Via

    A bold black cat-eye is the perfect compliment to these spooky lips. If you're feeling extra adventurous, add some special effects contacts in yellow or orange to make the colors in your design really pop.

    Wicked Web

    Grace Mahoney / Via

    If you needed an excuse to rock a neon-orange mini dress, this is definitely it! Complete your witchy look with some striped tights and a pointed hat.

    Vampy Vixen

    Grace Mahoney / Via

    All black everything -- that's all it takes to complete this vampy look. Of course a little fake blood and a pair of bright red pumps wouldn't hurt either.

    Whichever spooky look you choose, remember to use a professional setting powder like Kryolan Setting Powder to seal in your style and keep it looking fresh all night long!

    Want advice from Grace herself on how to create looks like these? You can email her yourself at

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