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The 8 Most Frustrating People We All Love To Hate

Our worldwide bond is formed through the shared hatred for these day-ruiners.

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1. Parking Enforcement

First of all, if you're gonna ruin my day, can you at least be consistent about it? I've parked here for 4 months straight without paying, somebody PLEASE tell me what's so special about this mediocre Tuesday in April when you decide to punish me for it?


Also, can we take a moment to acknowledge how odd it is that we pay actual money to leave our cars on the street?


2. Financial Aid (This one goes out to all my college students in the struggle)

It's really not that difficult I just need answers to some very pressing questions. Like why did I receive less money this year? Why do I have to pay this fee? Why am I living off microwavable sweet potatoes? Why am I drowning in a sea of incompetence?


3. Tow Truck Drivers

Also known as the OG of day-ruiners.

**Roam towing starts at midnight**

Car is gone at 12:03.


You wanna play dirty?

You'll see me in the morning with a bad attitude and $88 in a plastic bag full of nickels.


4. Customer Service

You tell me one who's legitimately served you as a customer. I'll wait.


None. The correct answer is none.

5. Any Retail Cashier that asks for your email address

All I wanna do is stunt in my new cardigan, but instead I'm wasting time trying to come up with of a fake email to give you.



6. Door To Door Solicitors

You're presenting me with a moral dilemma cause now I'm torn between

A.) Pretending I'm not home when I clearly am.

B.) Opening, and promptly closing the door while you're mid sentence trying to convince me I need you to pressure clean my sidewalk.


Bottom line is, if you ain't in the business of Samoas and Thin Mints, you ain't got no business at my front door.


7. Bad Watiers

Do us both a favor and write my order down. You are never ever gonna remember to remove the jalapeƱos from my chimichanga and in 15 when my mouth is on fire we're gonna have mucho problemas.


8. Telemarketers

Like no ma'am I actually am not interested in your Hungarian diet pills because losing 15 pounds on your 2 day cantaloupe diet really sounds like a broken promise TBH.



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