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    An Open Letter To My Catcaller

    Thank you for turning my commute home into my own personal hell

    In considering where to begin this letter, I decide to begin at the one and only feeling you successfully evoked from me - absolutely pissed. And so I write with you in mind, random man I had the pleasure of telling off on the MetroMover last week. You didn't make me upset, nor did you make me hate my body. You proved to everyone that you are the creepy, ugly, desperate man who is obviously lacking in some physical area of your own (I can only imagine which) and feel the need to call attention to the specific aspects of my physicality that you....appreciate.

    "That's a fat ass, you gotta be a fa**ot not to appreciate that." You pointed right at me from two feet away. You wouldn't let it go, saying "she know it to, look at the way she's standing."

    To start, you're disgusting. You are the epitome of a pimple on the ass of humanity. To be completely honest, I hoped you would confidently waltz right onto the platform at your stop, and tragically fall off, dropping like a brick from the two story tall apparatus to what would presumably be your death. To be clear, that is not something I would ever wish upon my worst enemy. But that is the reaction you evoke from women that you disrespect! You drag us down to your miserable level! How dare you make us so mad that we have to resort to nasty tactics just so you know how mad we are!

    Everyone said I should have just ignored it, let it go, kept my mouth shut. "People are crazy." "He could've had a gun." "Alayna, this is Miami!" But I cannot deny the sweet victory I felt by embarrassing you. "You are the most disgusting and disrespectful man!" The unexplainable pleasure I felt when those words left my lips! Everyone was looking! I said it loud and clear so that everyone would see and know you're a prick! And the response I evoked from you couldn't have been better! "Get the f**k outta here you b**ch!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOU JUST KEEP MAKING THIS SITUATION BETTER AND BETTER FOR YOURSELF! Don't you realize? In your attempt to dehumanize women into an object, you unknowingly dehumanize yourself into the lowly animal that you are. Not only do you reenforce any and every negative stereotype that accompanies your sex, race, and all other aspects of your physical appearance, but you serve as a proud representation of the absolute lowest level of class.

    I guess you felt like you could say whatever you wanted to women because you were clearly with the one sitting down next to you. Thee same woman who didn't hesitate to defend her man by being your echo, calling me the same names you did. To that woman, you should be embarrassed and ashamed of yourself for claiming such a cancer as your partner. You undoubtedly and wholeheartedly play an integral role in the endless cycle of blatant disrespect that women, not unlike yourself, have to endure every single day.

    To the both of you, your collective lack of self respect and pure ignorance are traits that will be passed on to your children, making them the same unbearable men and subordinate women, truly taking after their parents.

    As a woman, was I supposed to simply let it happen and not take any action against it? Should I have kept my mouth shut because you, my verbal abuser, are a giant man who could easily squash me like an ant? NO. You certainly didn't even consider keeping your ideas to yourself. You should not get a free pass and feel like it's alright to accost innocent people. Bullies are for middle school hallways, NOT public transportation, you arrogant son of a bitch.

    That being said, good luck leading a successful life as such a sorry excuse for a human being.

    Sincerely offended,


    To learn more about ways to prevent this type of sexual harassment and how you can raise awareness in your community visit

    Click on the link above to show your support and sign a petition urging the Miami-Dade Transit Office of Safety and Security to guarantee authorized security personnel be present on this form of public transportation during all hours of operation.