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15 Must-Try Boba Places In Taiwan

Taiwanese & Many Other Asians : Boba = White People : Coffee

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A Tea, an Attitude, a Lifestyle - We live in the Boba Life

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The Taiwan originated drink - Boba Tea - isn't just a drink, it's an attitude and a lifestyle.

Originally called the "Pearl Tea" (珍珠奶茶), the drink has been adopted in North America and worldwide in the names of Boba Tea, Bubble Tea, Tapioca Tea, etc. Regardless what it's called, it's the same delicious taste that will keep you wanting for more.

Here are 15 best Boba places in Taiwan that you should check out next time you are in town.


Famous for its freshly brewed tea (every cup is brewed using an espresso machine and made to order). The fruity flavored teas such as Peach Oolong Tea (白桃蜜烏龍) and Orange Darjeeling Black Tea (柑橘大吉嶺) are particularly yummy.


5. Share Tea (歇腳亭)

Famous for its "retro drinks" such as Herb Jelly with Winter Melon Tea (仙草凍冬瓜茶) and Honey Lemon Green Tea with Aloe (蜂蜜檸檬蘆薈冰茶) that your Taiwanese parents loved to drink when they were little.


6. Tea Patea (茶湯會)

Founded by an apprentice of Chun Shui Tang (refer to #1), the franchise was opened recently in 2013 and is famous for its good quality drinks comparable to Chun Shui Tang's that you can get at a significantly lower price. Tieguanyin (a type of Oolong) Tea Latte (觀音拿鐵) is your go-to tea here.


10. Oregin (圓石禪飲)

Famous for its selections in milk tea ("Rich Milk Tea" (厚奶茶) v.s. "Skinny Milk Tea" (鮮奶茶) categories to choose from). The Japanese Matcha Milk Tea (日式抹茶奶) in the Rich Milk Tea category is particularly savory. You can also get a reusable bottle to use for refill in the future to get a couple dollars (in NTD) off.


11. Black Ball (黑丸)

Famous for the smooth grass jelly and winter melon drinks. Toppings it offers (such as taro, yam balls, red beans) can be slightly more exotic for non-Taiwanese foodies.


14. Chatime (日出茶太)

Famous for its fusion and oriental tea selections. If you are a fan of fusion cuisine, you may heart the Brown Rice Green Milk Tea (黃金玄米奶綠) or the Matcha Red Bean Milk Tea (宇治金石奶茶)!


Now you've had too much tea and feel like having a cup of coffee...

In this case, Cama Cafe is where you need to be! This Taiwanese coffee chain hand picks coffee beans of the best quality and brews its coffee using only freshly roasted beans. And guess what... For a cup of Starbucks, you can get 2 cups of Cama! Time to give it a shot!


Did I miss any great tea places? Let me know!

I am always in the search of the next-generation boba tea :)

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