Alastair Browne
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    • Alastair Browne

      Anne Hathaway is a very beautiful woman, is well-behaved, does not get into any trouble, and is dedicated to her profession. I find everything right and nothing wrong with her at all. So why do people hate her? Most likely, jealousy. Maybe they are intimidated by her due to their own inadequacies. Anne is being herself, and isn’t doing anybody any harm to anyone else. So for all you Hathahaters, LAY OFF OF HER AND GET A LIFE!
      If you want to compare her to someone else, try Lindsey Lohan. She is stupid, spoiled, does drugs, drives drunk, hits pedestrians and runs away from the law, and weasels her way out of going to jail. Well, she’s been in jail and is going to rehab, and she deserves it. Jerry Lewis himself has said that Lohan should be get a hard spanking, and I agree.
      There are also many other young actors and actresses who get in trouble, and get away with it.
      Compare Hathaway to all that. Anne isn’t any of those things. So why are you picking on her.

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