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17 Things You Must Eat And Drink In Canary Wharf

There's more to life than Pret.

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2. Mozzarella at Obica

Obica's mozzarella makes it from the restaurant's farms to its Canary Wharf branch in less than 48 hours. Try their smoked bufala affumicata.

3. Latte at Taylor St. Baristas

Their laid-back service and lengthy queues may be a marketing ploy, but there's no doubting Taylor St. Barista's coffee – or their intricate latte art. If you're feeling especially loyal, they even have their own retail bond.

4. The All American at The Breakfast Club

There's plenty for vegetarians at the Breakfast Club's newest branch, but their American breakfast – bacon, eggs, sausage, maple syrup, hash browns and pancakes – is hard to resist.


5. Salt beef sandwich at Birley

Birley's salt beef sandwiches are a thing of wonder: rich, pink brisket expertly sliced and stacked on fresh bread, offset by gherkin and mustard.

6. Rotis at Kanapina

Among the most popular of Reuters Plaza's outdoor shacks, Kanapina serves up soft, wholemeal roti wraps, as well as a carb-free salad option.

7. Steak and Oysters at Waitrose

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It may sounds strange, but one of the best value places for a gourmet lunch isn't one of Canary Wharf's many high end restaurants, but the Steak and Oyster Bar tucked in at the back of Waitrose. Being able to drink anything from the shop's extensive wine cellar for a small corkage fee helps keep the drinks bill down too.

8. Flat White at Notes

There's a battle on for the affections of the Wharf's coffee drinkers, with Notes – opening up in the Underground station – the young upstart. Its pastries also come recommended.


11. Weekend Bottomless Brunch at Roka


Pricey, but well worth it. Roka's bottomless brunch is good enough to tempt the workers of Canary Wharf back on weekends: unlimited sushi, unlimited booze – and the dessert platter isn't bad either.

12. Cocktails at Chai Ki

Chai Ki's Indian-inspired cocktails hit the spot, as does their street food-heavy menu.


13. Burritos at Poncho8

Finally, a proper burrito in London! From #Poncho8 in #CanaryWharf. #loveLondon #mexicanfood #Foodiechats #crossrail

The latest in a long line of pretenders claiming to produce London's best burrito, Poncho8 could be onto something with its barbacoa option.

14. Sweet potato taquitos at Wahaca

Wahaca's burrito van does a roaring lunch time trade, but its upstairs restaurant, dishing out moreish tacos and tacquitos, is well worth lingering at.

15. Juice at CPRESS

Another Crossrail Place newbie, CPRESS serves up reassuringly healthy juice in combinations like spinach, lemon and kale.

16. Malbec at Nicolas Wine Bar

Old world meets new world for #MalbecWorldDay and we're opening one of these #Malbec now for #tasting

Another option for an extensive selection of wines with reasonable corkage, Nicolas also runs regular themed tasting sessions.

17. Pork T-Bone at Canteen

Pork T-Bone with celeriac and apple salad, hot-smoked trout, pie and mash: Canteen's classic British menu is no-nonsense and delicious.