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24 Struggles Anyone Who Works In Canary Wharf Will Understand

Tall buildings, taller issues.

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1. When the station looks like this when you have to go to work...

2. ...but this when you want to go home.

3. When you don't get the front seat on the DLR.

4. When you can't find the aisle with the Waitrose essentials.

It's the biggest one in the country, so it's easy to get lost.

5. That sinking feeling you get when the Wasabi queue stretches all the way to Paul.

The queue to get #Wasabi on a Friday in Canary Wharf is ridiculous. Katsu curry time!

"Did you say ticket 178?"

6. When Crussh forces you over your £5 lunch limit.

And your £6 limit, and your £7 limit, and your £8 limit.

7. And the Wahaca van runs out of guacamole.

Keep calm and ask for extra salsa.

8. Having to get up after eating your lunch in Jubilee Park.

"Just got held up in the Wasabi queue, five minutes max!"

9. When that quick lunchtime drink gets a little out of hand.

10. Trying to smoke outside your building's smoking zone.

Never. Leave. The. Smoking. Zone.

11. Hearing there's free stuff outside the office and then this happening.

Canary wharf coffee morning with the @WSJ. Grab a free coffee & paper before 9am! #mobilecoffee @AmbientWW

Push that meeting back and get in line.

12. When your mate gets a heart on their Taylor St. Baristas and you get... well...

13. Having to wait ages for a bench when it's sunny.

"Does my hair look a bit flat today?"

14. When your colleague turns up in new clothes, and you feel like you might be due a pay rise.

15. Desperately trying to avoid the sales in Jubilee Place...

16. ...not to mention the flashmobs.

17. When you go to the ice rink and this happens.

18. Realising you're going to be away for one of Canary Wharf's blockbuster events.

19. Trying to get served anywhere on a Friday night.

20. Looking at The City at sunset and feeling a little bit jealous...

21. ... but then realising the Wharf can be beautiful too.