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Valentine's Day Wine Competition

This is a review of six wines suitable for your Valentine's Day celebration, plus the amazing chance to win a bottle of each wine reviewed from award winning wine merchant Corney and Barrow that are worth worth over £80! Wow!

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Valentine's Day Wine Competition

I’ve been an active wine drinker for thirty years and thought it might be fun to give you some wine suggestions for Valentine’s Day dinner and, lucky you, a chance to win one bottle of each of the six wines I’m going to review via a Facebook competition (terms and conditions apply of course, however this is open to UK residents over 18 years of age)!

It doesn’t have to all be bubbles to bring a warm sensation to accompany your romantic evening meal with that special someone, the following six video reviews contain some information about each wine and, more importantly, clues as to what you need to do to enter. These wine have been specially selected from the range of award winning wine merchant Corney and Barrow and show that you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy great quality wines!

For those of you who have a short attention span just watch the last 10 seconds of each video to hear the clues and instructions!

The first up is a bit of a traditional celebration wine, Le Colture, a rose Prosecco, watch the short film below for details and the first clue as to what to do to win these wines:

Le Colture, Rose Prosecco

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My second wine choice would also make an excellent aperitif and is another rose from Château la Tour de l’Evêque, a cracking little Provence Wine! Watch the short film below for details and another clue:

Château la Tour de l’Evêque

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Now we’ve had a nice aperitif let’s move on to the starter! Of course you’re going to be having smoked salmon or, if you are really going for it, some oysters! Vegetarians could have a double baked cheese soufflé! What better accompaniment than a crisp and lively Chardonnay, Les Grenadiers from the Côtes de Thongue (no not thong, perhaps later)? Watch the third video review and accompanying clue of what to do!

Chardonnay, Les Grenadiers

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Now for the main course, are we having a beautifully seared steak or a rich mushroom and nut roast? The answer should be “of course” and what better way to compliment this choice than with a stunning Malbec from Ruca Malen in Mendoza. Watch the fourth review clip for clue four!

Ruca Malen Malbec

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Okay, it’s time for dessert and what better way to finish your romantic meal for two than with a melt in middle chocolate pudding? The perfect wine for this is the stunning Elysium, California Black Muscat by Andrew Quady. Watch clip five for a review and another clue!

Quady Black Muscat

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Okay your romantic meal is over and you need something light to settle in by a roaring fire with the one you love (after you’ve argued about who is doing the dishes!), the lovely soft and fruity Pinot Noir from La Muse de Cabestany from a tiny village in the Languedoc is the ideal way to round the evening off! Clip six gives you all you need to know about the wine and the final competition clue on what to do!

La Muse de Cabestany

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Thanks for reading my self-indulgent drivel and I wish you “bonne chance” in the competition, thanks to our sponsor Corney and Barrow and remember to always drink responsibly (if you don’t you can end up making a terrible mess of your life and that’s no fun at all)!

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