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You're About To Fall In Love With Two Dogs That Belong To A Homeless Man

"They have been caring for him – now it is time to care for himself & let them enjoy doggie life for a while."

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Here's what happened. Arouty and a friend were waiting for a train when these two came wandering up.

Robyn Arouty

They were followed by a scruffy guy with a bag who didn't appear to be paying much attention to them.

Then came two women "walking a doodle of some sort". The other two dogs looked like they were about to attack it, and one of the women got ready to throw rocks at them to ward them off. By this point, the man had disappeared.

Arouty wrote on her Facebook page: "I looked up & down the street & figured he had to be squatting behind the dumpster (sorry, I’ve just seen too much) so I called, 'Sir! Sir! Please! Are these your dogs?' He walked out. Turns out he was stashing some cans behind the dumpster to pick up later for recycling money."


Arouty noticed that the brown dog had infected-looking scars from bites.

The black dog, meanwhile, was shy. According to Arouty: "She appears to be a bull & cairn terrier mix…a very exotic result whatever the real breeds are."

Arouty began talking to the man.

She wrote: "His name is David B***, which he stated clearly with pride a few times. We spoke about his life situation & he admitted that he loves the dogs, but has been down on his luck & has nothing to provide for them properly.

"He’s been fearful of animal control taking them, but is struggling to get his life on track with no home & a history of alcohol abuse. I offered to take them temporarily…explained that I work with several people who help dogs & we could get them vet care & get them fixed so there will be no more puppies, the risk of aggression & cancer will decrease considerably, & they would be safe."

It was Arouty who named them Madonna and Anthony Ciccione.

She wrote: "Statistics would likely not predict a favorable outcome here. Let’s be honest. But I will remain hopeful of his future success. We exchanged information…well, as best he could give it; living in between 2 homeless shelters. He said sweet goodbyes to the dogs and I could tell he cared for them deeply."

Now she wants a few things.

Robyn Arouty

Above all, she's looking for a foster home. She feels that Anthony's aggressive behaviour came from guarding Madonna. "So, even though they are very attached, I believe it will be OK to separate them now – and especially because they are both intact."

Here's a page for donating funds. You can also donate other things – "blankets, bowls, leashes, toys, etc". And finally, she says you can help by spreading the dogs' story! Email her at


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