14 Anonymous Confessions That Reveal Men Really Love Taylor Swift

The Secret Male Taylor Swift Lover is real and he is everywhere.

1. So here’s the thing. If you go on Whisper, you’ll see lots of men admitting things like this.

2. Some are young…

3. …some slightly older.

4. But all of them relate, and all of them don’t want to admit it.

5. Male Taylor Swift fans, it’s time we stood together.

We need to ask ourselves: does Taylor give a crap what people think?

Ethan Miller / Getty Images / Via sgomeztheway.tumblr.com

6. She does not. While we live in shame…

…this is what Taylor thinks.

7. Yet still we remain imprisoned by fear.

You need to understand.

Warner Bros / Via elisabethcollins.tumblr.com

8. Taylor gets you.

9. And there’s a reason she inspires you.

10. And that’s because…

…Taylor Swift is a very inspirational person. A very inspirational person indeed. For example: she says things like this on the internet. A lot.

11. She provides clarity to life.

She tells you what you were always thinking, deep down.

12. So now is the time to embrace your inner Taylor.

Another reminder: this is Taylor Swift sitting in an audience. Does Taylor Swift fear embarrassment? Taylor Swift does not fear embarrassment.



No more cowardice.


14. No more shame.

We will shout our love from the rooftops.

We will tell our haters where to stick it.

“This is a new beginning. And things will change.” - Taylor Swift (b. 1989).

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