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Everyone's Obsessed With This Completely Wild Video Of A Kid Playing His Kazoo

They appear to have tracked the kid down, even though the clip's from 1989.

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Here is a video that includes a very excited child playing the kazoo. Many people on the internet think he might have taken a bunch of drugs.

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Over the last few months, he's turned into this completely out-of-control meme.

#KazooKid is all that's on everyone's mind.

There are tons of remixes.

And it's pretty hilarious.

And also weird.

There are also a bunch of people re-enacting the video.

The video appears to come from a 1989 instructional video called "Special Friends Starring You, On Kazoo!".

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And here's the thing – it appears #KazooKid has been found by people on Reddit.

He's been tweeting about it this morning.

Where to start?

Crack experts? Hmm...

And he already seems to be revealing the backstory.

@Crypticmoons Hey Adam. It was the first product ever made by Melissa & Doug toy company.

But there are still so many questions. How did he get involved with this? Was he high? How much cash would he accept to recreate the video? BuzzFeed has contacted Ambler to find out more.