21 Things People Don’t Realise Have Lifehacks

Raise your entire life game, everyone.

1. Queueing.

2. Taking their iPhones to the beach.

4. Boiling eggs.

Because if they put baking soda in the water they could do this afterwards.

5. Making tea.

6. Putting away their wrapping paper.

7. Opening tricky pistachios.

They should use other pistachios.

8. Hiding unsightly things on walls.

Hinged picture frames FTW.

9. Cutting cake.


This keeps it fresh.

11. Getting people’s numbers.

13. Hiding money on holiday.

14. Pairing wine and food.

(By Wine Folly)

15. Cleaning their keyboards.

16. Hiding their booze at sports events.

(With thanks to commentator and former England Test cricketer Phil Tufnell)

17. Microwaving.

18. Preparing avocados.

19. Finishing sentences on iPads and iPhones.

If you tap space twice, it adds a full stop and capitalises the next letter.

20. Putting beers in the fridge.

21. Working out percentages.

Easy percentages

— Life Tips (@BestProAdvice)

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Alan White is a news editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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