23 Dogs Who Took On Human Furniture And Lost

    On balance it's a very good job their best friend is man.

    1. That's not how you sit on the sofa.

    2. You have every right to be disappointed in yourself.

    3. Remember: if you're a huge dog, small tables are not for you.


    4. Interesting sleeping technique and we'll be seeing more of it.

    5. Much uncomfortable.

    6. It's not called a face stool.

    7. Oh dog. Oh dog.


    8. Blankets only ever make things more difficult.


    9. It was a heavy night, in fairness.

    10. This is not as relaxing as it should be.

    11. Nor is that.

    12. When sofas become tables.

    13. "Why do we fall Master Bruce? So we can just sort of stay on the ground."

    14. Coffee table/cushion confusion: now with giant dog.

    15. This is just traumatic for all involved.


    16. World Dog Gurning 2014 Champion.

    17. Just no.

    18. There's no unholier trinity than that of dog, cat flap and stick.


    19. "Look, if I want to watch Game of Thrones I'll do it how I like."

    20. Derp factor nine.

    21. This dog is surprised by how comfortable it actually is.

    22. Coffee table user level: expert.

    23. No wonder this dog's so desperate to get out.