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    This Dog Walker Takes Awesome Posed Pictures Of His Pack

    And here's how he does it...

    These awesome pictures were taken by Chris Iles, 44, a dog walker who's based in Los Gatos, California.

    You may have seen them recently after they went viral on Imgur. The question on everyone's lips is of course... "How does he get them to pose?"

    "Everyone asks me how I do it," Iles tells BuzzFeed. "Well the truth is that I just tell them, seriously."

    He said he has "a few tricks" but he never uses treats. One trick is using Lila, his pack lead dog, to train the other dogs.

    "I have a natural connection to dogs and it comes [naturally] working with them. I work with each dog and it takes patience and understanding. It is super fun and rewarding. I get the best photos," Iles said.

    "They just stay," he said.

    He said he'd originally planned to open a dog food company, but then he "started walking the dogs in my neighbourhood and realised I was really good at it and it was fun."

    He'd started taking pack photos and sending them to the dogs' owners, but the first ones weren't a success.

    However, he began to work on them and realised that eventually "the dogs did exactly what I said and I could pose them any way I wanted."

    Now he's using the popularity of his pictures to market his new invention: a leash that carries dog poop.

    "It carries your full and empty poop sacs and has a stretchy sac that holds your mobile device, wallet, [and keys]," he said.

    It sounds like Iles has a pretty great life: "We go to different places but the dogs do enjoy knowing where they are and we have favorite local walks and more dog-friendly areas and parks we venture to... I cry from happiness and have amazing moments with my pack. They are all so very happy."