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    The Worst Time Of Year For The Most Patient And Polite Man On The Internet Has Begun

    We should probably honour him with a statue or something.

    If you've somehow missed this over the last couple of years, there is a man from Virginia called John Lewis (@johnlewis) on Twitter, and there is a British department store called John Lewis (@johnlewisretail) on Twitter.

    Every year, John Lewis (the store), does a heartwarming Christmas advert that sends Britain into meltdown, and every year people struggle to tell them apart.

    He is an extremely polite, patient man.

    Every year, he calmly directs each person who mentions him back to the department store.

    And this year's tearjerker is a powerful advert about how elderly people face loneliness at Christmas.

    View this video on YouTube

    Which was immediately top of the UK's Twitter trends.

    He'd been gearing up.

    .@barneyokelly I'm ready. Been stretching every day. Power loading. The works.

    .@LoraFitz @johnlewisretail Bears, hares, penguins ... what else you got? Bring it.

    And then came the deluge.

    Whereupon he leapt into action.

    .@StephanieJay_UK That was my suggestion, actually, but thankfully they went a different way. @johnlewisretail

    Although sadly he swiftly had to take a break.

    Excuse me for a moment. I have a couple people I need to call. #ManOnTheMoon

    Not for too long though.

    .@JakeThomas87 All kinds of pre-Christmas warmth, and then this. @johnlewisretail

    He's just such a lovely man.

    .@jhirshler Agreed. Well done as usual. Wish I could take credit. @johnlewisretail

    Poor John Lewis.

    .@adrian_johnson I'm not sure the moon would be far enough.