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The Worst Time Of Year For The Most Patient And Polite Man On The Internet Has Begun

We should probably honour him with a statue or something.

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And this year's tearjerker is a powerful advert about how elderly people face loneliness at Christmas.

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Which was immediately top of the UK's Twitter trends.

He'd been gearing up.

.@barneyokelly I'm ready. Been stretching every day. Power loading. The works.

.@LoraFitz @johnlewisretail Bears, hares, penguins ... what else you got? Bring it.


And then came the deluge.

Whereupon he leapt into action.

.@StephanieJay_UK That was my suggestion, actually, but thankfully they went a different way. @johnlewisretail

Although sadly he swiftly had to take a break.

Excuse me for a moment. I have a couple people I need to call. #ManOnTheMoon

Not for too long though.

.@JakeThomas87 All kinds of pre-Christmas warmth, and then this. @johnlewisretail

He's just such a lovely man.

.@jhirshler Agreed. Well done as usual. Wish I could take credit. @johnlewisretail

Poor John Lewis.

.@adrian_johnson I'm not sure the moon would be far enough.