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    Watch This Artist Make A Picture By "Plopping" Paint Out Of Her Vagina

    Swiss performance artist Milo Moiré has a somewhat unusual painting technique.

    So this is "Plopegg Painting", as seen at Germany's Art Cologne fair.


    Ms Moiré has pushed a load of eggs filled with ink and acrylics into her vagina, you see.

    Then she squats over the canvas, and this happens.



    She has quite a lot of eggs on her person.

    Really, a lot.

    Anyway, eventually this splendid pattern is created.

    And folded over to make this pattern.

    Moiré says her work embodies the "casual and creative power" of womanhood.


    "To create art, I use the original source of femininity: my vagina."

    And here's the full video.

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