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Watch The Moment A Man Finds Out He's Surrounded By People He Saved From The Holocaust

All the feels, all at once. h/t Opposing Views.

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The backstory: in 1988 Sir Nicholas Winton appeared on the BBC show That's Life.

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In 1938, Winton headed an operation to save Jewish Czechoslovakian children from the Holocaust, according to Wikipedia. He found homes in Britain for nearly 700 children. Many of them would be orphaned by Auschwitz. His scheme was known in Czechoslovakia as Kindertransport. And it all happened after he went to Prague instead of a skiing holiday in the Alps. The British press would later dub him the "British Schindler".

Winton spent years dealing with the guilt he felt over the children he wasn't able to save. Opposing Views reports:

In 1988 his wife discovered a scrapbook, lists of names, and journals that described his rescue plan. She convinced him to go public with his story – whereupon he appeared on That's Life.

And then this happened.

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Without his knowledge, the show's producers had surrounded him with 80 of the people he had saved.

On 1 September 2009 a special "Winton Train" set off from Prague.

It went to London on the same route the Winton children took: there were several survivors and and their descendants on it.

This post has been corrected to reflect the fact that much of the information came from Wikipedia and Opposing Views.

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