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    Watch Prince Joffrey From "Game Of Thrones" Give A Charming, Smart Speech About Celebrity Culture

    Actor Jack Gleeson addressed the Oxford Union and attacked the "religious hysteria" of celebrity culture.

    Like many speakers before him, Gleeson began with self-deprecation.

    But he's a very clever young man. Having announced his decision to quit acting last year, he discussed how odd he found celebrity culture.

    And indeed, even put it in historical context.

    The full speech is by turns funny and thought-provoking. It's well worth half an hour of your time.

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    The 21-year-old has just returned from a trip to Haiti with aid agency Goal, and is currently studying philosophy and theology at Trinity College in Dublin.

    Correction: A previous version of this article stated that Jack Gleeson's speech took place on 16 January 2013. The correct date of the speech is 27 November 2013.