Watch Aaron Lewis From Staind’s Awesome Rant At Concertgoers Who Were Groping A Teenage Girl

Hero of the day. NSFW language a-go-go.

1. So over the weekend ver the weekend, Staind played a gig at Rockfest in Kansas City, and this happened.

2. In case you missed it:

Alright, listen up, you fucking assholes. That fucking girl right there is like fifteen fucking years old, and you fucking pieces of shit are molesting her while she’s on the fucking crowd. Your fucking mothers should be ashamed of themselves you pieces of shit. You should all be beaten down by everyone around you for being pieces of shit.

If I fucking see that shit again, I swear to god, I will point you out in the crowd and have everyone around you beat your fucking ass.

Now girls: feel free to crowdsurf safely.

3. Lewis has yet to comment further, but people love him for it.

6. Aaron Lewis rocks.

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