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    A Media Studies Student Wrote To Rik Mayall Asking His Opinion On Comedy And This Was His Reply

    We lost a good one last year. We really did.

    As we know, Rik Mayall did a fine line in letters to fans.

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    Well, here's the letter Guy Walker received after he asked Mayall a few questions while studying Media and Television at university.

    The letter I received from Rik Mayall when I asked him his opinion on comedy writing #RikMayall #comedygenius

    What is the main difference in writing for Situation Comedies and Sketch shows?

    Don't know

    Is political correctness ruining the opportunities to create new innovative comedies?

    No. It's the wogs.

    What is the main difference between writing comedy for radio and writing it for television?

    There is none. They're both run by BBC middle class neo-situationalist class-racists.

    love and violence

    Lenny Henry

    Guy tells BuzzFeed he received the letter in Christmas 2005, and said it's "crazy" how it's getting a lot of interest now, a year after the comedian's death.

    Guy said he actually met Mayall a couple of years after receiving the letter: "He had no recollection of sending it but he was a great bloke and it was great to meet one of my heroes".

    While we're on the subject, it's fair to say Mayall also wrote better autographs than anyone else.

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