Villagers In West Yorkshire Are Trying To Raise Funding For A “Dog Poo Fairy”

He/she could be called…………………………….Stinkerbell.

1. This is the tranquil village of Marsden in West Yorkshire.

2. In recent years this beautiful place has been tormented by a terrible problem.

3. Dog poo.

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4. But two women – Julia Meaton and her friend Lisa Stringer – have begun to fight back.


They’ve already attracted the attention of the local press because of this incredible website. Poo Patrol Marsden makes use of crowd-mapping technology to pinpoint dog poo hot spots. It’s so intensely detailed that those who contribute to the site can even specify the colour and texture of their discovery.

5. And now they’re stepping things up a level.

They’re trying to get funding to employ a real-life “poo fairy” as a way of bringing to people’s attention the way unruly dog owners expect one to pick up their mess.

6. Julia, who works in the business school at the University of Huddersfield, told the Huddersfield Daily Examiner:

It’s quite an unusual idea and we hope that employing a real poo fairy could be a light-hearted way to tackle the problem and generate a lot of attention to our anti-dog dirt campaign.

Picking up poo is not something dog wardens are employed to do and a poo fairy would work alongside them to promote responsible dog ownership.

7. Watch this space.

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