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The 37 Most Important Moments Of The 2019 General Election

Everything from the ice sculpture to the bees to an unnecessary amount of Matt Hancock.

1. When Parliament decided it was time for some of this nonsense.

This is what peak performance looks like

2. Amber Rudd stepping down as an MP and her daughter immediately snitching on her.

The thing I’m going to miss most about mum being an mp is being able to spy on her live in parliament and then watch in real time as she reads and ignores my messages 😂 @AmberRuddHR

3. The way Momentum got off to a flyer.

Momentum are holding an "Unseat Conservative MP Justine Greening" event in Putney tonight, and it's a sign of just how successful this mass movement is that she's already left the Tory Party and announced her retirement from Parliament.

4. The day early on in the campaign when the Tories were called out for their misleading editing of a video, their party chair was empty-chaired by Sky News after not turning up to an interview about it, one of their ministers resigned over the sabotage of a rape trial, all this happening not long after Jacob Rees-Mogg had offended the relatives of the Grenfell victims, and while they were being asked questions about not releasing a report into Russian interference.

UPDATE: Cairns resignation is a dead cat to distract from Cleverley's empty-chairing which was a dead cat to distract from Cleverley's interviews which was a dead cat to distract from Bridgen which was a dead cat to distract from Rees-Mogg which was a dead cat to distract from

5. Whatever the hell this video was supposed to be.

Literally Honey Monster in a suit

6. The return of a brooding Ed Miliband.

Strong "back to Albert Square with revenge on my mind" energy

7. Michael Gove malfunctioning on live radio.

Can someone turn Michael Gove off and on again, he's gone wrong

8. Penny Mordaunt creating new emojis in a bid to improve the discourse.

9. Boris Johnson traveling to flood-hit South Yorkshire and getting shouted at, again and again.

WATCH: ‘It’s took you over five days. You should have been there Saturday morning having a meeting... and I’m sorry your announcements yesterday were a pittance.’ Residents in flood-hit Stainforth tell @BorisJohnson what they think of his govt’s response. @itvcalendar | #Floods

10. Andrew Neil absolutely toasting Nicola Sturgeon.

The best 43 seconds of TV I have ever seen. #andrewneil

11. This outburst of fake news.

A viral story claims that Jo Swinson was caught firing stones at squirrels. It's obviously not true, but has been widely shared online. The Lib Dem leader told LBC that social media networks have questions to answer over the spread of "very fake news".

12. The Tory press office rebranding as a fact-checking service during a debate and getting schooled by an actual fact-checking service.

It is inappropriate and misleading for the Conservative press office to rename their twitter account ‘factcheckUK’ during this debate. Please do not mistake it for an independent fact checking service such as @FullFact, @FactCheck or @FactCheckNI

13. Andrew Neil absolutely toasting Liz Truss.

The chef’s kiss on this. @afneil to Liz Truss: In 2014 you promised to build 200,000 new starter homes. That was 5 years ago. How many did you build?” Liz Truss: “I don’t have the figures.” AN: “it’s an easy number to remember, ZERO, you built ZERO new starter homes.”

14. Health secretary Matt Hancock's increasingly terrifying — especially when watched on silent — campaign videos.

If you watch this without the sound on it looks like you're backing away slowly from an increasingly threatening man at the tram stop.

15. Including this one.

Watching this on silent I feel like I’m lying in an open grave and “Mad” Matty Hancock’s about to empty a load of cement into it because I snitched to the Flying Squad

16. The moment Matt Hancock provided some insightful commentary on a leadership debate.

@MattHancock Christ and there I was going to vote for Nick Robinson. Cheers Matt

17. Also, the time Matt Hancock tweeted this picture of himself. That's probably enough Matt Hancock, on balance.

Forced to live in a remote fishing community after his part in a raid that went horribly wrong, Special Forces agent #matthancock finds that when he tries to hide from trouble, it comes looking for him. Coming to ITV3 in the new year.

18. The moment a Tory candidate was caught setting up an interview on the doorstep by Michael Crick. An all-time classic.

this is more Thick Of It than the actual Thick Of It

19. This campaign video fail from George Freeman.

20. The time Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage got replaced by a block of ice on TV.

These two ice sculptures - which represent the emergency on planet earth - will take the place of Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage tonight after they declined our invitation to attend a party leaders' #ClimateDebate Tune in at 7pm on 4 and here on Twitter:

21. Not strictly an election story, but the death of the Queen apparently being announced via a bloke called Gibbo in a WhatsApp group with a dick pic as its icon was pretty amazing.

telling my kids this was gibbo, ricey and cheeks

22. Jeremy Corbyn answering a question about the Queen's Speech with about as much conviction as someone who's not revised for their GCSE French oral exam.

Does @jeremycorbyn make time for the Queen's speech? He tells @julieetchitv: "We don't watch TV very much on Christmas Day." Watch @ITVTonight The Leader Interviews: Jeremy Corbyn at 7.30pm on Thursday

23. This absolute "zinger" from Burger King. #NailedIt

24. Andrew Neil literally doing the come-on-let's-be-having-you thing to Boris Johnson, who still wouldn't do an interview with him, even after that.

“It is not too late. We have an interview prepared. Oven-ready, as Mr Johnson likes to say” Andrew Neil issues a challenge for Boris Johnson to commit to an interview with him, to face questions on why people have “deemed him to be untrustworthy”

25. The time Jo Swinson got into an argument with some bees.

26. And the bees then infiltrating the Brexit Party's offices in Grimsby.

Extinction Rebellion (in the bee costumes) have infiltrated the Brexit Party offices in Grimsby

27. Channel 4 mishearing a Boris video and making out that he'd said "people of colour" in the subtitles, prompting a good two-hour-long Twitterstorm. (He actually said "people of talent.")

28. All of former Tory MP David Gauke's campaign videos, but especially this one.

Yesterday I was delighted to welcome to Rickmansworth one of my closest political allies and a powerful voice for the centre ground.

29. Jeremy Corbyn sharing a bunch of trade documents that Reddit later said had been leaked onto its site by a suspected Russian misinformation campaign.

30. The time Boris Johnson decided to deal with a particularly tricky interview about a 4-year-old being forced to lie on a pile of coats in a hospital by, erm, putting the reporter's phone in his own pocket.

Tried to show @BorisJohnson the picture of Jack Williment-Barr. The 4-year-old with suspected pneumonia forced to lie on a pile of coats on the floor of a Leeds hospital. The PM grabbed my phone and put it in his pocket: @itvcalendar | #GE19

31. The time a bunch of people on the internet then cut and pasted an absolutely crackers conspiracy theory about how the aforementioned picture of a 4-year-old was faked.

I suppose on the bright side they've found those extra 50k nurses.

32. And, around the same time, the Tories putting out an incorrect story about how an adviser had been assaulted, which a bunch of senior journalists for some reason decided to share on Twitter without even putting in a call to the police, who would have told them they had not received reports of such a thing happening.

If you have 1 million followers, you should probably aim to have slightly higher reporting standards than idk, Cheeks and Gibbo from WhatsApp

33. This, which is peak Barry Gardiner.

I love it so much. Everyone is finished.

34. A Labour front bencher being secretly recorded by his (subsequently former) friend slagging off Corbyn, then claiming it was "banter".

.@JonAshworth says 'this is a mate' - a Tory activist - he spent 3 weeks travelling around America with. "I'm trying to make him complacent, I'm just joshing with him, it's banter". @VictoriaLIVE

35. The time Boris Johnson did this.

This campaign's getting silly now. Boris Johnson has just ploughed through the 'Gridlock' with a 'Get Brexit Done' tractor

36. And finally, Boris Johnson hiding in a fridge just after his aide swore at a reporter.

Good morning from Britain, where everything is going very well on the campaign trail. The prime minister is hiding in a fridge, and his aide was caught swearing at journalists live on breakfast television.

37. OK, fine, here's one more Matt Hancock video. What a time to be alive.

Matt Hancock being totally normal with a woman.