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Two Men Staged A Murder On Google Street View And The Police Had To Solve It

It's OK everyone. Nothing to see here.

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Well, a member of the public spotted this, did indeed get a shock, and called the police.

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The police managed to discover the "dead" man was Dan Thompson, 56, the manager of a car repair shop in the road. He and 31-year-old Gary Kerry, one of his mechanics, saw the Street View car coming in August 2012 and decided to have some fun.

They told the Independent they both forgot about the joke until the photos were uploaded by Google a few months later. “It’s absolutely bizarre,” Mr Thompson told the paper. “I suppose people don’t spend their time looking on Street View at a rough backstreet in Leith.”

Thompson said he was "mortified" when police showed up at his garage to investigate the murder.

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But as it turned out they saw the funny side. According to Thompson, they were already pretty certain it was a joke because one of them got their car serviced at the garage.