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Guess What, British People Are Taking The Piss Out Of Donald Trump Now

Well, that didn't take long.

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You know how earlier today Donald Trump claimed areas of London are “so radicalised” that police are “afraid for their own lives”?

The queen now wears a hijab instead of a crown due to radicalisation #TrumpFacts

Well, now #TrumpFacts is trending.

In Britain, women are regularly subjugated via the use of halal Soleros. #TrumpFacts

Which is rather like #FoxNewsFacts...

In Britain, we are forced to recycle our tweets referencing right-wing blowhards #TrumpFacts

...but frankly who cares.

Britain is so radicalised that this dog regularly bears witness to the most terrible things. #TrumpFacts


In Britain, bearded men in robes demand perpetual celebration of their preferred religious festival. #Trumpfacts

Even England's famous pubs are controlled by Islamic radicals. #TrumpFacts

#TrumpFacts Parts of London are so radicalised this landmark is now know as Big Ben Laden.

Britain so radicalised that "I'm a Sharia-lebrity" is their top-rated reality TV show #TrumpFacts

Muslims have forced the English county of Wales to add Arabic names to all its road signs #TrumpFacts

In Britain, due to Muslim pressure groups, our Prime Minister is no longer allowed to fuck pigs. #TrumpFacts

The worlds tallest minaret calls the whole nation to prayer in the UK #trumpfacts

Just two of London's bearded radicals. And they let these guys run the "Cereal Killer Cafe." Shocking. #TrumpFacts

Britain is so radicalised one of its favourite actors is Syrian McKellen. #TrumpFacts

East London is so radicalised bars only serve water. #TrumpFacts

#TrumpFacts Donald's hair pieces are crafted from finest ginger Pomeranian arse hair by lesbians in North England

Britain so radicalised that the hardworking Brit on the left lost his job to the man on the right. #TrumpFacts

All firefighters in the UK are forced to wear burqas #TrumpFacts

This is the last man in Britain who supports Israel still defiant even after being put in prison. #TrumpFacts

Britain is so radicalised that the 'ham' from Birmingham was dropped years ago and the city is now known simply as Birming. #TrumpFacts

Britain has become so radicalised, one of its top pop acts was forced to change its name to Koran Koran #TrumpFacts