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    Tokyo's Street Fashion Is Ridiculous And Amazing

    Photographer Thomas C Card spent Spring 2012 taking these photos. They're the loopiest looks you'll see today.

    Japanese fashion tribes originated in the early 1990s.

    Young people, particularly young women, began rebelling against traditional Japanese culture.

    Marked by playfulness and inventiveness, these styles have impacted fashion trends around the world.

    These images are from Tokyo Adorned, Card's first book.

    The book’s release marks the third anniversary of the tsunami that hit Japan in 2011.

    Card says: "When the earthquake and tsunami devastated Japan, the country experienced an upsurge of national pride."

    "Participants in street fashion increasingly celebrated their unique placement within the Japanese culture at large."

    “These photographs provide a window into these people’s innermost perceptions of themselves.”

    Card told Slate: "The thing I found absolutely amazing once I was on the ground in Tokyo was that the fashions were very much centered around the individual and less around the tribe."

    "In the early part of our production process, we were thinking of this as different tribes and groups that were very close and defined. I was thrilled when I got there to find that nearly all the girls really view this as an expression of themselves."

    In an essay written for the book, Buzz Spector, Dean of the Art School at Washington University, writes: "Thomas’s great skill is in ensuring that viewers focus on the subjects rather than the photographer’s technique."

    Some of the proceeds from the book will go to Second Harvest Japan, the only nationwide food bank in Japan.