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This Woman's Make-Up Transformations Are Mighty Impressive

In summary: Lucia Pittalis is really, really good at making herself look like other people.

So here's a lady by the name of Lucia Pittalis. Remember this face, because you won't be seeing it again.

You see, the thing about Lucia is...

...she's pretty good at make-up transformations.

If you think her Keith Richards is impressive...

Check out her Marlon Brando.

She told the Huffington Post: "The process is studying the character -- watching photos, movies, videos and saving frames where necessary."

She told the site her art is "a kind of acting process", which involves her putting on music "related to the character".

She says this series of "Rocky" photos with and without bruises took her five hours.

It's maybe not even her best Stallone piece.

Want more of this awesomeness? Well – here's her Instagram, and here's her Facebook.