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    Jul 1, 2014

    This Woman's Bikini Colostomy Bag Pic Went Viral And Now She Hopes To Be A Model

    When a picture gets 190,000 likes on Facebook, it gets them for a reason.

    This picture, of Bethany Turner, 23, from Worcester, has been viewed by more than 9 million people since she put it on Facebook.

    Caters News

    Bethany was fitted with her colostomy bags in 2010 after she nearly died when her bowel ruptured. She was diagnosed with Crohn's disease – which causes inflammation of the digestive system, making it very hard to digest food or eliminate waste products — at the age of 3.

    She told the Daily Mail: "When I came out of hospital and everything finally sunk in, I remember going upstairs into my bedroom and just bursting into tears."

    Caters News

    "I’d known a colostomy bag might have been an option but it was always something that I had wanted to avoid. I had a really good cry that day, and since then I haven’t shed another tear - I’ve just got on with it I suppose."

    After marrying her husband Ian, 33, and going on holiday to Mexico last Christmas, she felt ready to accept the colostomy bags.

    Caters News
    Caters News

    Despite her nerves early on, she says she soon learned how to not to let Crohn's control her. Six months after her holiday, she got in touch with the Crohn’s and Colitis UK Facebook group to see if they would let her post a picture on their page. The image went viral.

    She still suffers from the disease, but now wants to get back into modeling — having given up on her dreams of pursuing it as a career.

    Caters News
    Caters News

    "I’m looking forward to chasing my goals, and I know now that nothing can hold me back," she said. "I won’t let the Crohn’s control me anymore."

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