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    This Woman Says That McDonald's Cured Her Anorexia

    Jo Thompson weighed just four stone at one point. She credits McDonald's as the cure for her disease.

    Jo Thompson from Solihull developed anorexia at age 11, and says at one point her doctors gave her 48 hours to live.

    As she tells Metro: "I would allow myself a glass of water before bed and lived off a couple of peas during my time in hospital. Nurses would hold me down to stop me from star jumping and losing more weight."

    Here's a picture of Jo as a little girl, when she was in the throes of anorexia.

    Mike Jones/Caters News / Via

    And this is a picture of Jo today: healthy, with a partner and two children.

    Mike Jones/Caters / Via

    Jo says that she credits McDonald's as helping her recover.

    Mike Jones/Caters News / Via

    That's right. McDonalds.

    She took a job there in 2007 so she could get used to watching people eat.

    And she fell in love with the manager. He helped her with the disease, telling her he wouldn't eat his lunch until he'd seen her eat hers. Guess what? He's the guy in the photo up there — the father of her children.

    All hail the healing power of Maccy Ds!

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