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This Woman Makes Staggeringly Pretty Meals For Her Children

Anne Widya creates little masterpieces for her kids.

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Anne Widya is a Chinese-born Indonesian who lives in Hong Kong.

She and her husband Matthew have four kids: Julie, 13, Charles, 12, Andrew, 10, and Elizabeth, 3.

She tells BuzzFeed News: "I love to try new recipes, make cute things...and put the whole process in my blog when the kids are in the school."

"I started making food art in 2012 but it was always something simple."

"In 2013 I posted a photo in Facebook, a fully decorated plate that I made for Andrew when he was sick."

"All my friends loved it and then they started to request cartoon characters for the next plate."

"So I started to post breakfast and lunch art plates every now and then, decorate each of them according to the occasion."

"I get the art ideas from everything around me. The ideas can be from my kids, magazines, books, internet, TV or toys that we have."

"If I get a plate request for certain character, I usually search the internet for the cutest hand drawing (or the easiest ones) of the requested shape and save it in my phone for reference."

"My kids do not help in making the breakfast art because they love to sleep a little longer."

"Matthew drives the kids to school daily and they have to leave home at 7.15 a.m., so making food art in the morning means preparing the ingredients ahead of time, and waking up early."

"I cut and shape the bread while they do their homework at night, then I store it in an air-tight container."

"Basically I already have the idea how the plate is going to look like the night before. So in the morning, I just need to slice the fruit, arrange and toast the cutout bread according to the plan, and fry the egg/sausage (last step). I have to make the breakfast art fast or noone has anything to eat."

"Lunch and dinner art is usually more relaxed."

"I usually make it for one or two kids, or just for myself. The kids help me sometimes if they are around."

"They love cutting nori (sushi wrap). They also love to give suggestions and helping hands which makes the whole process so much fun and faster."

"My children love the arts, but they are also the worst critics."

[They say things like]: "That chicken looks dead drunk, mommy, you need to change the eyes."

"And I usually agree and laugh about it but I don’t bother to change it."

"'Oh well, next time [it'll be] better, let’s take a picture,' that's what I always say to them."

"I never make food art when they are hungry or in a hurry because that will defeat the whole purpose of food art: creating [a] happy memory."