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This Woman Is The First Person To Be Jailed For Trolling Herself On Facebook

Michelle Chapman has been sentenced to 20 months in prison.

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Chapman, 24, of Par, Cornwall, found an unusual way to wage a vendetta against her family.


She set up fake Facebook profiles - for her father and his wife among others - to send hundreds of abusive messages to herself.

She'd then make complaints to police. Officers arrested her stepmother and issued warnings to her father. Two other members of her extended family received warnings. The trick was only spotted after forensic internet experts worked out the offending accounts had been set up at her home.

The court heard she fell out with her in-laws after attempting a reunion with her father, Roy Jackson, whom she had not seen for 21 years.

Sentencing her to 20 months in prison Judge Christopher Harvey Clark, QC, described her as 'wicked'. He also banned her from having access to computer equipment.