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    This Woman Is So Scared Of Cheese It Actually Makes Her Cry

    Melissa North can't walk past the supermarket cheese counter in case she bursts into tears.

    Look at poor Melissa North, 22, from Kent.

    Caters News

    She suffers from turophobia: an irrational fear of cheese. This is a real thing. She's told the Daily Mail that she panics when she sees cheese piled high in the supermarket.

    Repeat: this is a real thing. Look at the fear in her eyes.

    Caters / Alan White / BuzzFeed

    Apparently it wasn't helped by a school incident in which some classmates threw cream cheese at her face.

    My boyfriend is always making fun of me. He will chase me around the house with a block of cheese in his hand but I just go into a state of panic.I just have to lock myself in the bathroom until he gets bored. He is supportive of me but it's hard to explain how much I hate it.

    Let's hope she recovers and comes to see the true beauty of cheese.




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