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Woman's Claims She Had Plastic Surgery To Add A Third Breast Likely A Hoax

UPDATED: the woman's name – Alisha Hessler – has now been revealed, and there are a number of signs this might be a hoax. Hessler, who went by Jasmine Tridevil, claimed she had plastic surgery to give herself a third breast.

10 News Tampa has obtained an incident report from Tampa International Airport from when seems Hessler had her baggage stolen. The station reported two people were arrested, and this property receipt was written from Hessler's stolen baggage.

Note the last item: "3 breast prosthesis."

Update — Sept. 23, 6:57 a.m., ET: A whole host of fascinating information has come to light which suggests that this story is a hoax. Buckle up.

Snopes points out several intriguing question marks over this story.

First, Jasmine Tridevil's pictures are only taken by her – and not by any third party. But secondly, and perhaps rather more tellingly, the (now defunct) domain is registered to an Alisha Hessler.

And Alisha Hessler has quite the online footprint.

For a start, as Snopes points out, she looks like the woman on this modelling page, and on the profile pics on this YouTube page.

And then there's this. / Via BuzzFeed / Alan White

An Alisha Hessler was also charged with fraudulent use of personal information last year.

Alisha Hessler also made headlines with this bizarre story last year.

It involves the public shaming of a man who allegedly beat her up. As Snopes points out, "According to local police, Hessler withdrew her complaint and stopped returning [their] calls after she was pressed for details of the alleged attack."

BuzzFeed News has reached out to "Jasmine" for further comment.

She has given an exclusive interview to The Sun in which she claims it's not a hoax: she says her film crew recorded the procedure and, "I plan to release it on my reality TV show and I don't really care what people think or say about me."

She has now given another interview to local station 10 News Tampa, on condition they only discuss her self-produced show.

The station reports: "When we asked to see her third breast, she obliged, but with only a quick flash. When asked her why we couldn't have a longer look Tridevil responded, "I'm not ready to do that right now because it's in episode six of my show."

Original story below.

Jasmine Tridevil (not her real name) is a young lady from Tampa, Florida.

Facebook: 510456172418517

Here is a troubling radio interview with her about why she allegedly got a third breast a few months ago and how hard it was to get one. She said that she was told to "sign a nondisclosure agreement" and had to call scores of doctors before she could find one who would do it because it was such a breach of ethics. She didn't reveal the name of the doctor who performed the procedure.

Over the course of the interview, during which the hosts asked some unbelievably inappropriate questions, she said the surgery cost $20,000, that she saved up for two years so that it could happen, that her mum won't talk to her and won't let her sister talk to her, and that her dad is unhappy. She said it's not just about fame.

On the station, the 21-year-old said: "I got it because I wanted to make myself unattractive to men. Because I don’t want to date anymore."

Facebook: 510456172418517

She said a "mini-implant" was put in so it had a nipple, and an areole was tattooed around it. The breasts apparently don't quite "match up".

She told the station: "The reaction has been crazy."

It's not entirely unsurprising. Thus far she seems to be enjoying the attention, writing on her Facebook page, "So I'm flying to New York to appear on The Inside Edition show this Monday! Then going to be on the news, Jimmy Kimmel show and Vice magazine! oh and a few radio shows!"

BuzzFeed News has reached out to her for further comment.

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Consultant plastic surgeon and British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons Nilesh Sojitra told BuzzFeed News:

"This is a clear case of a patient who should not have had surgery performed on her. Someone making this kind of request may have body dysmorphia disorder, or not have thought through the long-term consequences of such a surgery – she will now be scarred for life – and may have benefited from psychological evaluation rather than surgery. Additionally, the actions of the surgeon are unethical and they have acted in a way where no reasonable plastic surgeon would."