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    This Video Perfectly Captures The Art Of Gene Wilder's Comic Timing

    Wilder could be "funny doing something and funny doing nothing".

    Here's a supercut of Gene Wilder's comedic pauses.

    It was made by Rishi Kaneria, a filmmaker and video essayist from Atlanta.

    He told BuzzFeed he was making a regular tribute video, "but there was so much content to go through I felt like I didn't have a focus or a handle".

    He started to look through the footage and noticed a pause in his delivery, so he carried out a Google search to see if anyone else had noticed it. That led him to these tweets by film director Edgar Wright:

    A moment of silence for the master of the comedic pause. Gene Wilder: funny doing something & funny doing nothing.

    Best example: Gene Wilder's epic sustained comic pause following 'I am in love with a sheep'

    Kaneria said: "That kind of just sealed the deal for me – so I ditched the general tribute approach and focused on the moments where he really played up the comedic pauses."

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