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    This Stray Dog Followed An Extreme Sports Team All The Way To The End Of Their Race For A Better Life


    Deep in the Ecuadorian rain forest, four Swedish athletes competing in the Adventure Racing World Championship were sitting down for a meal when they were approached by a stray dog.

    Krister Goransson / Via Facebook: peakperformanceadventureracingteam

    They were entering the final stages of the gruelling race and about to trek dozens of miles through the jungle.

    They thought nothing of throwing him a meatball. But they didn't expect what would happen next.

    Because a few kilometres later, they realised the dog was following them. He simply refused to leave their side. They named him Arthur.

    Krister Goransson / Via Facebook: peakperformanceadventureracingteam

    It was a strenuous, muddy journey. On several occasions they had to pull him out of the mud.

    On another occasion a team-mate was dehydrated and needed medical attention: Arthur stood guard over him while they waited for it.

    Towards the end they realised they had to leave Arthur on the river bank since they were canoeing. But he dived in and followed them, so they hauled him aboard.

    Krister Goransson / Via Facebook: peakperformanceadventureracingteam

    Mikael Lindord, team captain, said: “He was kind of in the way during the whole paddle and we had to find different paddling techniques to not kick him off board. A few times he jumped into the water and took a swim, and then he crawled back up again and was freezing so he got to wear our jackets.”

    And eventually, a team of five crossed the finish line.

    But guess what happened next?

    Krister Goransson

    Lindord, who'd picked Arthur up and let him stay in the kayak, adopted him.

    In a Facebook post Lindord wrote that he "almost cried in front of the computer, when receiving the decision [to allow him to adopt] from Jordbruksverket [the Board of Agriculture] in Sweden."

    Krister Goransson / Via Facebook: peakperformanceadventureracingteam

    Arthur had a wound on his back that was bleeding when the team found him; it's now being treated.

    The team finished 12th. But as Lindord put it: "I came to Ecuador to win the World Championship. Instead, I got a new friend."

    Krister Goransson

    Here's the full story.

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