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A Door In Germany Broke Down And The Most Memetacular Thing Happened

Where IS the Techniker?

So last month, an electric door at the University of Mainz in Germany broke down.

The next day the door wasn't fixed: "Technician also broken."

Then a second notice appeared, referencing a contestant on the German version of Wife Swap. It reads: “Everything stays exactly the way it is!”

And suddenly the meme floodgates opened.

A day later, and the university's meme lovers had left the door looking like this.

Three days later, and the door still wasn't working. In fact it looked like this.

And then – OMG. The memes had gone. GONE.

But one lone memeist decided to hold firm against the unknown meme removers.

The university dean could obviously take a joke. He thanked the memeists for their creativity, but said they sadly had to be removed due to fire regulations.

#technikeristinformiert: Danke für die kreative Aktion :) Leider mussten die Memes aufgrund von Brandschutzbestimmungen entfernt werden!

Then came a note PROMISING that the technician had been informed, but they were just waiting on a single technical part, which would be there in a few days.

But the memes continued to build...

...and build...

And here's the proof.

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