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    This Moose That Refused To Leave An Office Building Should Be Your New Patronus

    This is the greatest moose you have ever seen.

    So this happened in Dresden, Germany.

    AP Photo/dpa,Arno Burgi

    This bull moose, which had apparently wandered into the country from Poland, entered the Siemens offices and refused to leave, according to Yahoo News.

    AP Photo/dpa,Arno Burgi

    Officers tried to lure it out with various food-based goodies for six hours, but there was no movement.

    It just wasn't interested.

    AP Photo/Arno Burgi


    AP Photo/Arno Burgi


    AP Photo/Arno Burgi

    In the end, they had to tranquilise it and set it free in a forest in eastern Saxony, according to NBC.

    AP Photo/dpa,Arno Burgi

    What a moose.

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