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    This Man Mixed His Wife's Ashes Into Fireworks And Blasted Them Across The Night Sky

    Annette Maunder's ashes exploded over Plymouth on Saturday.

    This is Annette Maunder's father and husband watching her ashes explode over Devonport Park in Plymouth.

    Penny Cross /

    The 55-year-old lost her battle with cancer last month, but before she died, she came up with the idea for her ashes to be fired into the night.

    John Allen / SWNS

    So her former Royal Marine husband, Gary, 55, arranged for it to happen. He told Metro: "She would have loved it. It’s a good way to send her off. Our 13 years of marriage was the best 13 years of my life. We won the battle but lost the war. She was a keeper."

    He worked with Essex-based fireworks company, Heavenly Stars Fireworks.

    Penny Cross /

    They took two-weeks to build the £250 specialist fireworks, which included gold tails, green peonies, crackling dragon eggs and red and blue chrysanthemum bursts.

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