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This Man Is Trolling An Online Scammer With His Phone And The Complete Works Of Shakespeare

"How all occasions do inform against me / And spur my dull revenge!" (Hamlet, Act 4, Scene 4).

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Meet Edd Joseph, 24, from Bristol.

David Hedges/

He was ripped off by a scammer on Gumtree who sold him a Playstation 3 for £80 but never posted it. So Edd decided to take revenge, by texting him the complete works of Shakespeare.

That would be 29,305 individual text messages.

David Hedges/

Edd discovered he can simply copy the words from the internet and paste them into a text message — without costing him a penny on his unlimited mobile phone package.

He sends it as one text but his victim can only receive them in 160 character chunks, meaning the 37 works of Shakespeare will buzz through in 29,305 individual texts.