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This Man Helped His Wife Recover From A Brain Injury With 1,000 Photos Of Their Wedding Day

One day this'll make a really lovely film.

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NBC 4 in New York reports that a month after Raleigh and Tunicia Hall were married, she suffered a near-fatal brain hemorrhage.

Raleigh realised that the stroke had meant she was losing her memory. According to NBC 4: "At one point, she asked the man she has known for 30 years, 'Are we married?'" CBS reports her chances of getting it back were 50-50.

So Raleigh came up with a plan.

As the Huffington Post reports: "Rather than sit by and watch the love of his life fade away, Raleigh took action, covering Tunicia's hospital room with 1,000 wedding photographs in an attempt to stir up lost memories."

Tunicia's doctor has been amazed by the progress she's made.

Dr. Richard Temis told CBS, "Patients' families are key in terms of neurological recovery.”

They've just celebrated their three-month wedding anniversary and even had a cake and a performance of their song. "When you see hope – it happens," Raleigh told NBC 4.

Welcome to Feelstown.