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    This Little Boy Who Had "No Friends" To Celebrate His Birthday Now Has One Million

    And it's all thanks to Facebook.

    Update: Feb. 12, 6.56 p.m., GMT:

    This story originaly reported that Colin had 40,000 friends. His page now has over one million likes on Facebook!

    This is Colin, 11, from Michigan.


    He was diagnosed with sensory processing disorders last year, which are similar to autism and Asperger syndrome. He finds it hard to make friends.

    A week ago, he told his mother he had "no friends" to celebrate his birthday. She was heartbroken, and made this Facebook page.

    Via Facebook: Coliniseleven

    She hoped for about 50 responses.

    She hoped for about 50 responses. She got 40,000, and mail from around the world.

    The outpouring of love has delighted her. It looks like Colin will have a lot of surprises when he turns 11, on March 9th.

    You can visit her Facebook page here.

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