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That Kid Who Made £14,000 Selling Sweets In The Playground Is Now Trying To Sell A Lucozade Bottle On eBay

Updated: it's attracting some rather dubious bids.

This is Tommie Rose, 15, a pupil at Buile Hill High School, Salford.


The Manchester Evening News reported that he's in trouble with his school for running a "black market on sweet treats".

It said he had managed to earn £14,000 to pay for his University fees by selling sweets in bulk in the playground, and had even employed two schoolfriends – both on £5.50 a day – to make the business a success. He apparently began selling them back in 2011 after being inspired by Dragon's Den and The Apprentice, and was suspended from his old school as a result, after bringing in £60-£70 a day.

James Inman, the school's headteacher, told the paper:

We admire this pupil's entrepreneurship but school is not the place to set-up a black market of fizzy drinks, sweets and chocolates. We have extremely high standards and with our healthy eating policy we don't allow isotonic drinks, fizzy drinks and large amounts of sweets for the good of our children. Our high standards are set out to pupils and their parents at the start of the school year.

Tommie says he'd like to get a business degree from Oxford or Cambridge.


His parents both say they would struggle to pay the £9,000-a-year tuition fees required.

His father Gary told the paper:

It's a shame the school are trying to stop Tommie. According to his business model he'd have earned £2-3k by the end of the year, which would have made him the £18,000 he needed to pay for University. He's always thinking ahead and I think that shows an unbelievable knack at his age.

As a result of articles like this Tommie is now selling a bottle of Lucozade on eBay.

He writes: "Here your bidding on 1 bottle of orange lucozade signed by me, tommie rose I'm the young businessman who has been all over the press in last few days in every national newspaper and trending on twitter and Facebook, this is a ltd ted piece as I am only signing 2, happy bidding".

And as a result he's now a millionaire*

*let's just see how this one plays out, shall we?

Alan White is a news editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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