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    This Is How The World Looks From A Lego Photographer's Point Of View

    Hampshire-based photographer Andrew Whyte had a brainwave after visiting a Lego store. Now you can see the city of Portsmouth through Leg O'Grapher's eyes...

    Andrew tells BuzzFeed: "Away from my meticulously staged night photography I'm a compulsive snapper."

    "But quite often there's nothing cohesive about what I shoot from one day to the next and things take a while to come together."

    "We visited the LEGO store as a family and my kids discovered a camera accessory that fits in the hand of a minifigure."

    "I love to document everyday things and develop mini series about them."

    "The idea of positioning the character in my daily shots just fell into place from there."

    "For the whole year, I really never left home without the figure."

    "But only in the same way as you never leave home without your keys or phone."

    "That was part of why the iPhone seemed a natural candidate for taking the shots."

    "I always had it with me, but also it allowed me to get much closer to the figure than any of my Nikon gear."

    "By getting close to the figure, the sense of scale was distorted to make the figure seem closer to life-size."

    "The rest just happened on a daily basis, for the most part snapping what I saw rather than chasing light, locations & ideas."

    You can view more on Andrew's Flickr album.

    Great work, little Leg O'Grapher!