This Is How The Internet Responded To The European Elections

It’s the most wonderful day of the electoral cycle.

1. It’s voting day! Just remember not to take a selfie at a polling station, because that would be naughty.

2. This needs to be stopped.

3. Anyway, lots of people on Twitter wanted you to know about the historical significance of your vote.

4. And lots of other people let the side down somewhat.

Alan White / BuzzFeed

5. Of course, people had all sorts of important decisions to make today.

6. A great many voted thanks to this man.

Olivia Harris / Reuters

Top three reasons to vote (ascending order): It'll annoy Russell Brand. Democracy. It'll annoy Russell Brand.

— George Berridge (@George_Berridge)

8. And we’d all heard yesterday about #WhyImVotingUkip.

#WhyImVotingUkip because I once ate some French cheese which gave me a tummy ache

— Robin Ince (@robinince)

#WhyImVotingUkip because I ordered a chicken sheesh but I received a lamb doner. Dinner and country ruined.

— Clumpton (@MrClumpton)

#WhyImvotingUkip because I know that a public school educated stockbroker is an anti establishment figure

— Ern Malley (@loveandgarbage)

11. But to be honest there were precious few laughs to be had. A four year-old sign from the General Election went viral again.

Just been to vote. Comic juxtaposition was out early.

— Jon Bounds (@bounder)

12. Speaking of polling stations, some looked pretty awesome…

Is your polling station adequately defended against aerial attack? #Tooting #Vote2014 #VoteLabour

— Colm (@colmuacuinn)

14. …others didn’t.

@politic_animal As opposed to this great (and safe) looking polling station...

— Jessica Metheringham (@PoliticalQuaker)

15. Nope.

16. There were also a lot of not-at-all cruel pictures of Ed Miliband eating a sandwich going around.

Ed Miliband in Monty Python's 'The Meaning of PR'.

— beaubodor (@beaubodor)

h/t to @Sean_Kemp for this one #EdEats

— General Boles (@GeneralBoles)

19. Not to mention this Drake/Miliband mash-up.

20. In other Labour news, Chuka Umunna showed off his technology prowess.

.@moseeds and myself with Alexander, the Sackville Estate caretaker #VoteLabour

— Chuka Umunna (@ChukaUmunna)

21. The person running the official Twitter feed just kind of gave up.

1. Vote Labour 2. Get your friends to vote Labour 3. Get your family to vote Labour 4. Get strangers to vote Labour

— The Labour Party (@UKLabour)

22. Meanwhile, UKIP’s director of communications wasn’t very happy.

BBC News Channel running a report on Beavers. Nothing whatever on the immigration stats. A remarkable editorial judgment today.

— Patrick O'Flynn (@oflynndirector)

23. That beaver coverage in full.


24. What about the other parties? Well, there was a GREEN SURGE.

Late entry from the greens into "worst political strap line of 2014" and it's strong field this year.

— John Coventry (@JohnnyCov)

25. Meanwhile the Lib Dems were keen to point out some important geographical information.

26. But by this point the most exciting thing to happen was a former policing minister saying the word “fuckwit” on BBC2’s Daily Politics.

Yup, that’s definitely the word “fuckwit”.

27. In the mean time UKIP faced a last minute challenge from Pokemon-based anti-immigration parties.

Vote Mudkip! @Vote_UKIP #WhyImVotingUkip

— mudkip2014 (@mudkip2014)

28. And there were reports of voters being crushed by ballot papers that wouldn’t stop growing.

29. The last time we checked UKIP were doing best. Or they were according to this HILARIOUS joke.

Alan White / BuzzFeed

Continues ad infinitum. Well done everyone.

See you in a year’s time for the general election.

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