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This Is Everything We Know About The Couple Arrested In The South London Slavery Case

"Comrade Bala" was kicked out of the Communist Party of England and set up a Maoist group.

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A 73-year-old was recently arrested along with his wife, 67.

They are suspected of holding three women captive in a south London flat for 30 years

The clearest case of far-left millenarianism which I have encountered, …a tiny Maoist sect with about 25 members, located in the Brixton area. …In 1977, they confidently predicted that the world would be liberated from capitalist oppression by the Chinese People's Liberation Army before the end of the year.

7. According to one Marxist website, he and his wife "Comrade Chanda" were arrested in 1978 in a police raid which drove them underground.